3 reasons why Telco should step into the world of M2M

Connecting the lives of people and businesses through communication between different devices has been the motive of the ever growing number of M2M connections and applications in the world today. The capabilities of remarkable M2M solutions are massive. There are 3 reasons why Telcos should consider stepping into this segment and embrace M2M to make a distinguished impact on businesses and consumers today.

The Next Big Thing

People’s requirements for accessing information anytime and anywhere gets more and more sophisticated with the growth of technology and the internet. M2M technology is all about serving these needs, networking between all kinds of equipment ranging from computers to household appliances creating new heights of smart services and business.

Let it be a medical device that can recognize a patient’s health status, automatically update, and in case of an emergency, alert a medical center or a smart inventory control system which highlights re-order levels with sensory devices to the procurement divisions, M2M is what’s behind it.

M2M solutions can modernize businesses across all industries namely tourism, transport, agriculture, education, health and many more, in order to offer more sophisticated solutions to address customers’ ever evolving needs.

The Market Disconnect

However much the growth of demand is, M2M hasn’t still caught up to the extent of heading towards a smarter city even after 14 years in to the new millennium.

The reason behind the lag is that the available M2Mplatforms focus only on large scale businesses and deployments limiting the industries and use cases that could be addressed.

Addressing the large number of smaller industrial and personal use cases remains challenging due to inadequate resources and possibly not recognizing a significant ROI.

Connected Living

The challenge of market disconnect should be addressed, for all people to enjoy connected living that leads to a sophisticated and enriched lifestyle. This is where the Telco can fit in by providing a common platform that will connect a large number of small businesses to a Telco network to deploy a large number of small scale M2M solutions.

hSenid Mobile has come up with an appropriate solution that will fix the market disconnect in M2M deployments with Telco being the major player providing the much needed wireless mobile network infrastructure and embedded SIMs.

Download the whitepaper ”M2M Service APIs and Telco Networks Tapping into New Industries” for more details on this proposed solution which well aligns with hSenid Mobile’s goal of connecting Telcos to Businesses.