USSD Gateway


The hSenid USSD Gateway enables Telcos to introduce USSD messaging services. The platform is complementary to existing USSD services, bringing faster interactive messaging to users.

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Rollout and Manage USSD Services Faster

Renowned and robust, hSenid USSD Gateway can be adapted to the needs of mobile operators. The Gateway enables Telcos to rapidly create and deliver new value-added, dialog-based services, by providing a platform that links content providers to end users. It also gives subscribers high-speed interactive access to a broad range of content.

Telcos can utilize USSD Gateway to create more useful USSD services, opening up new means of generating revenue. Similarly, subscribers gain direct access to the menu in real time through simpler interactive interfaces at cheaper rates.
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Provides XML APIs, enabling third party applications to connect to the operator’s network seamlessly, reducing implementation time

Simplifies the creation of USSD menus through the use of a drag and drop canvas, eliminating technical complexities

Generates menus according to the user’s previous actions or current status, such as tariff plans and promotions

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