The Customer Engagement Platform

Seamlessly unify customer interactions across all channels, empower agents with intelligent routing and automated responses, and gain data-driven insights to optimize marketing campaigns for enhanced ROI. With Talito, streamlining interactions, enhancing customer experiences, and driving growth is simple yet effective.

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Omnichannel Hub

Reach and respond to customer inquiries instantly and seamlessly across multiple channels, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Viber, Signal, Telegram, and website chatbots, all from a single platform.

Centralized Promotional Space

Segment your audience and effortlessly reach them with personalized SMS promotions using Talito’s bulk messaging feature. Tailor your messages with targeted campaigns to boost rewards and captivate attention with strategic scheduling. Elevate your promotional game with Talito’s integrated solutions.

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Monitor and enhance agent performance in real-time, guaranteeing that customers in need of assistance receive prompt and effective support.

The platform’s dashboard provides a “missed chats” tab to identify and address any missed or delayed customer interactions promptly, ensuring that customers receive timely responses, preventing bottlenecks, and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Effortlessly route customer conversations to live agents through Talito based on the complexity and intent of the queries, which can then be answered in their preferred languages. This  ensures timely and personalized on-point assistance that fosters customer loyalty while minimizing customer churn.

Urgency tags empower agents to prioritize and quickly resolve critical customer concerns, elevating user satisfaction and their perspectives of the overall service quality.

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