Data Science and AI/ML

Intelligent Customer Experience Management Solutions

We help enterprises to unlock and transform data into valuable insights, and actionable strategies using AI/ML which enables them to attract and retain customers with optimized operations and personalized, predictive and effortless customer experience.

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AI powered chat bot allows enterprises to communicate with customers and respond to their queries. Bot has the capability of working in local languages. It is capable of understanding user intent and answering queries instantly.

We design and build customized dashboards that help you better understand and visualize customer behavior and activity patterns. Users’ actions, transaction patterns, frequently asked questions, and other things will be used to group customers in businesses, so they can be better served.

The ability to retain existing consumers is critical for businesses wanting to expand their operations. The use of analytics and customer behavior features will provide you with a more comprehensive insight of your customers.

We create systems that use AI/ML to analyze the content and sentiment of customer queries addressed to businesses. According to the tone and content of the communication, it is possible to prioritize customer inquiries, resulting in increased efficiency for the customer support team and increased customer satisfaction.

Understanding your customer will be the key to success for an enterprise. Our customized solution will allow you to analyze historical, transactional, and other data about your customers and predict their future behavior.

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Ansible Whitepaper

Embrace Endless Possibilities with Ansible Automation

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Sprout is an AI sales agent, designed to turn your WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram and Website chats into potential sales opportunities.