Service Delivery
Platform (SDP)

Next generation VAS Management

hSenid SDP is a Telco middleware with RESTful APIs and versatile Service Creation Environment simplifies application development, transitions to a service-oriented architecture, and enables Telcos to monetize their existing assets.

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Through Charging as a Service (CaaS) APIs, service providers can easily incorporate charging mechanisms into their applications. The Payment Gateway in the charging architecture supports multiple payment instruments that allow the user to choose a preferred payment option, leading to an increase in the number of transactions.

The hSenid SDP helps to standardize all the service interfaces for a Telco/aggregator, where they can provision, control and bill for all the value-added services they provide, irrespective of whether the services are developed in-house or created by third-party application developers. The platform provides the required tools for revenue reconciliation between the provider and the third parties.

A complete network simulation environment is offered to service providers without the need for a live environment. This allows independent and cost-free testing of the applications until the final phase.

The hSenid SDP analytics allows Telcos to view the performance of service providers or applications, lifecycle of applications, most used network assets and many more. Service providers get access to analytics based on applications, users’ view trends, patterns of performance and usage, enabling them to improve the applications and execute data-driven and effective marketing campaigns. All analytics can be exported into PDF, Excel, XML, and CSV formats.

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