Flexible and Extendable

Telcos can take advantage of hSenid Location-based Services by merging with enterprises and third party developers to offer subscribers more relevant, accurate and useful information on real-time location.

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Unlock Location Service Data Potential

hSenid LBS (Location-based Service) is a query-based solution to enable mobile operators to enrich the experience of its customers. Subscribers can request location-based information via popular messaging channels such as SMS and USSD. hSenid LBS provides personalized location-based services on any mobile device. It is also an open platform for seamless deployment of third-party location-based applications.
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A predefined set of positioning methods provide accurate location information

Open MLP APIs enable developing and deploying more location-based VAS without the difficulty of integrating with Telco systems

Unleashing the full potential of LBS with minimum cost, seamlessly supporting the emergence of  next generation services

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Embrace Endless Possibilities with Ansible Automation

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