The hSenid SMSC elastic architecture for on-demand scaling minimizes costly over-provisioning and ensures capacity to meet abrupt spikes in SMS traffic. Its ability to maximize revenue, combined with its remarkable reliability, makes it the ideal solution for Telcos.

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Built for Scaling

hSenid SMSC provides its users with an advanced level of functionality in receiving, processing, storing and sending various types of SMS messages, with the ability to handle a higher capacity of messages and traffic rates. The clustered architecture of hSenid SMSC offers maximum availability, while the minimizing of downtime and handling of internal load balancing means there is no single point of failure.
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Eliminates the need to purchase an expensive third-party SIGTRAN stack or SS7 card and enables easy integration into the operator’s network

Buffers and seamlessly sends out excess capacity when messages surpass the designated Message Delivery Attempt (MDA) level in the system

Facilitates different actions, such as relay and reanalyze, by configuring routing rules through a GUI

Do Not Disturb management module offers a comprehensive solution to maintain personalized DND lists and advanced promotional control for SMS. DND module offers a user-friendly UI to manage functionalities as well as a RESTful API layer for external triggers. Apart from global SMS limits, individual users can activate DND by sending an SMS and limiting either the number of SMSs per sender address or all messages during a specified time period.

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