Apps Making Money – Post TADHack Momentum

TADHack Sri Lanka 2014 which was held on 6th-7th June2014 at Dialog Future World, offered an international platform for Sri Lankan Telco developers to showcase the Telco App market of SL . Extrogene who became the 2nd Runner-Up at TADHack SL 2014 is doing great with their app Offerhut, generating quick revenue.

At the event, Dialog – Ideamart made an announcement to award a marketing budget of LKR 500,000 to the first three TADHack teams which would earn revenue of LKR 50,000 within the first three months of deployment.Extrogene was able to hit this target revenue of Rupees 50,000 to win the marketing budget in less than a month.
Hats off to Extrogene for their achievement with their app Offerhut : A pull advertising platform. Extrogene also got featured in TADHack as a successful case study.

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So that leaves us 13 more teams of TADHack SL 2014 to showcase their performance in the market. Two more teams can be qualified to win the promising marketing budget offered by Dialog-ideamart which will definitely help the teams to accelerate in the Telco App Market in Sri Lanka. Looking forward to see what comes next so that we can all be proud of the Telco app community that we have built up in Sri Lanka.