Customized User Bound Experience

Customized User Bound Experience (CUBE) which is a turnkey business-to-consumer fidelity program management engine designed as an intelligent analytical engine to analyze customer behavior, segmentation and profiling. CUBE does an in-depth analysis

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Precisely segment customers and micro-profile to have a more in-depth insight of customer behavior using unlimited, multi-dimensional segmentation and profiling rules created based on parameters such as product portfolio and maintained business volume.

A customer dashboard providing a 360-degree holistic view of a customer, an overall banking dashboard, a summary of the entire customer base and visualisation of the bank’s performance for easy interpretation of data and for optimized data-driven decision making

With customer value being an important factor in banking, CUBE’s loyalty management enables banks to offer rewards and loyalty points to customers based on their banking activities and interactions such as deposits, on-time payments, business volume maintenance etc.

The system is compliant to a bank’s rules and regulations ensuring high security standards are achieved.

Inclusion of bank’s multi-level marker-checker process and centralized and decentralized to area/branch approach, ensures the correct users perform relavant operations respectively.

CUBE exposes APIs for merchants and other third parties to integrate with the solution. This streamlines the entire process of rewards/loyalty points management.

These CUBE APIs can be connected to various outbound channels that eases the entire campaign management process and intimate any information to customers in a timely manner.

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