Embracing Artificial Intelligence – Udara Silva

When Udara Piyumal de Silva came on board hSenid Mobile’s Cloud TAP platform via IdeaMart he did so only with the intent of taking forward his deep interest on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Megamind (Meg), the Artificial Intelligence application, answers questions that range from ‘Meg where am I’ to ‘Meg what is the weather like next Monday’ to very complex equations, science, history, politics, routes, locations etc.

Of the APIs provided by IdeaMart, Udara makes use of the SMS and LBS APIs. He assures that the use of APIs is a very simple process and if in the event a developer is reaches a bottleneck and is unsure of how to proceed thereon, the online communities and forums prove to be really helpful.

Megamind’s next big breakthrough is brought out through Megamind 2.0, the Next Generation AI. The new version will have a number of new features such as the access to nearby locations providing information on restaurants, ATMs and even have the ability to talk to the subscriber to clarify if the response given was accurate and was in response to the submitted query. Furthermore, Udara intends to embed the learning feature into the AI that would improve the existing word prediction features of Megamind.

An undergraduate of the Department of Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering, University of Moratuwa, Udara reassures all potential developers that one needn’t be from a software development or software engineering background to get on board application development. He testifies that he too is not from such a background and the only knowledge any developer needs is a bit of coding and “a really cool idea”.