Enhancing Employee Productivity with Enterprise AI Chatbots

Every organization wants to do well. While each company has its own yardstick to measure success, the everyday operations of all businesses are driven by a conscious desire to keep moving towards the goals that they have set for themselves. Since achieving these goals hinges on employee productivity, companies give careful consideration to how to maximize the performance of their staff. A majority of businesses have turned to tech to assist them. Of all the software that are in use, one particular tool stands out as offering a sure-fire route to enhanced employee productivity: enterprise AI chatbots.

Helping new employees settle in

The usefulness of these AI chatbots kicks in from the moment a person joins a company. Much of the ‘paperwork’ pertaining to new staff onboarding can be carried out via the software. Newbies can learn about the way the company works, their duties, the organizational structure and all other essential information through the company chatbot. This means a smoother and far more efficient integration. HR personnel and line managers no longer need to waste their time on mundane form filling and tiresome explanations. Instead, they can get to know their new colleague in a far more meaningful manner, creating a strong bond that will have a positive impact on the new employee’s approach to work and their output.

Saving time through automation

Simple tasks like booking meeting rooms, scheduling appointments and requesting leave can take an inordinate amount of time when employees have to go through a human intermediary. Say an employee wants to book one of the small meeting rooms. They will need to wait for the relevant person in charge to get back on room availability. They will then need to check on the availability of the others who will be attending the meeting. Once a common time has been arrived at, they will need to get back to the person in charge of bookings and confirm with them. The entire process is extremely cumbersome, with a lot of unnecessary backing-and-forthing which ultimately wastes a lot of time. With a chatbot, a meeting can be set up and the venue booked in a matter of a few clicks. Everybody concerned gets a notification and no one is disturbed from their normal routine. The employee organizing the meeting and all those expected to attend save a lot of valuable time.

Providing easy access to information

Chatbots have also proven to make accessing information a lot easier. In an organization that does not use chatbots, the usual practice when one has a question is to contact a colleague. The speed of response depends on how busy the other person is. Sometimes, the person being approached may not have the information being sought and an employee will have to ask multiple colleagues before getting what they need. Chatbots, on the other hand, can offer direct and relevant information to employee queries. They enhance employee productivity by promptly providing them with the exact details they need. No one else needs to be troubled for assistance and everyone can carry on with their work, maintaining their momentum.

Making work fulfilling

There are many mundane tasks that are nevertheless vital to the proper functioning of an organization. Sending reminders is one such crucial but tedious activity. There are countless other similar daily, weekly and monthly tasks that are essential for the smooth running of a company. Yet, they are mind-numbing to carry out and often cause employees to become bored. Chatbots can take over a bulk of these, freeing employees to focus completely on their more meaningful duties. Employees enjoy their work far more when they are no longer encumbered with the boring and the dull. This keeps them motivated, elevating their productivity.

This is particularly valuable for customer service. Scheduling appointments, answering FAQs, troubleshooting and other such routine functions can all be carried out by chatbots. The staff involved in these teams need not be bogged down with the dreary, everyday things and have the freedom to engage with customers whose needs are more complex. They also have the flexibility and head space to foster a stronger rapport with their customers, thus elevating service standards.

An enterprise AI chatbot solution for all

It is abundantly clear that chatbots can work wonders to elevate employee productivity. hSenid Smart Chatbots leverage the power of AI to create cutting-edge conversational solutions for various use cases. Be it workplace transformation, IT helpdesk or HR business functions, these chatbots facilitate smoother operations, thus boosting employee productivity. Furthermore, the utilization of natural language processing (NLP) techniques means staff can interact with the software in the language of their choice. hsenid-smart-chatbot – hSenid Mobile can be adapted to any commercial context, making them the perfect solution for all types of enterprises.