Five critical elements an intelligent Telco analytical platform should have

1. Flexible Data Aggregation covering whole customer base

The platform should be flexible enough to aggregate any type of data through any kind of inbound channel having unlimited dynamic parameter definition to perform effective Data Aggregation.

2. In-depth insights to Customer Behavioral Patterns & Trends

Ability to analyze customers and their behavioral patterns individually to perform a precise segmentation, resulting in insightful profiles that could help Telcos to reduce churn, increase ARPU and optimize internal operational efficiencies.

3. Predictive Model to Forecast Prospective Tendencies to Take Actions

Utilizing latest machine learning and sampling techniques, predictive analytics allows telcos to look at historical patterns and make predictions about future behavior for specific individuals

4. Exhaustive Segmentation & Micro Profiling using Flexible Rule Engine

In order to perform a multi dimensional segmentation platform should facilitate unlimited Built in Segmentation Rules and Infinite Readily executable segmentation criteria leading to precise analysis. With micro profiling Telcos can identify niches based on consumer behavior and leverage data for more profitable outcomes.

5. Multi channel campaign management

Enables Telcos to define, orchestrate and communicate offers to customers across websites, mobile, social, call centers and email widening their accessibility and enhancing customer loyalty.

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