Multi-Cloud Operations Manager

The hSenid Mobile Solutions Multi-Cloud Operations Manager is designed to provide a diverse set of features with the intent of enhancing enterprises to deploy and manage virtualized services enabling consumers to access other unique Virtualized Network Functions(VNF) at their fingertips while allowing them to take maximum advantage of Openstack environment facility.

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Extensible design suited to bargain with sudden increment in demand which standardizes the operational environment and common management accessories that would minimize operation downtime and optimize the existing utilization hardware.

M-COM gives users comprehensive control over where their VNFs are sent through a single pane of glass. It empowers organizations to be mindful of the wellbeing of VIM, allowing the VNF KPIs to be tracked.

The availability of VIM and NFN statistics allows end to end service monitoring ability and provides analytics for false and non-legit performance management.

M-COM computerizes VNF lifecycle drastically, counting onboarding and instantiating, real-time checking and health checks, and progressed capacities. The stage assist dispenses with complicated and monotonous assignments whereas maximizing in general asset effectiveness through ideal asset arrangement, energetic scaling and multi‑cloud workload mobility.

M-COM assists the VNF EMS by enlisting modern VNFs, mediating notifications given to the EMS, directing VNF resource alarms, and accepting lifecycle management triggers. Total UI-Driven Workflows within the stage abstracts the complexities from basic components.

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