Moota Telecom and hSenid mobile collaboratively simplify digital transformation for Telcos!

The rapid development of communication and mobile industry in the past decade has resulted in Over–The-Top (OTT) players to gain immense control over subscribers’ handsets as well as mobile value added services, cannibalizing Telco core revenues.

To regain lost ground and overcome the revenue pressure, most Telcos are seeking to expand their revenue streams having complete control over their core network up to subscribers’ handsets.

hSenid Mobile and Moota Telecom revolutionize the way Telcos can transform their future in digital services achieving more control over subscribers bringing in new revenues.

hSenid Mobile enables Telcos to open up their network assets via APIs for collaborative service innovation, whilst continuing to control those assets whereas, Moota Telecom pioneers in device configuration solutions ensuring Telcos get control over subscriber mobile devices.

Moota’s core product, Mobile Configuration Platform (MCP) offers a complete API surface for Telcos, bringing a solution to almost any terminal configuration challenge by easily pushing mobile configurations directly to subscribers’ devices.

hSenid Mobile Solutions’ leading product Telco Application Platform (TAP) facilitates intense service innovation by offering an end-to-end telco specialized API Management Solution with capabilities to monetize Telco’s digital assets and accelerate telco digital service creation. TAP increases prospects of spurring innovation by offering multiple entrepreneurship opportunities to internal as well as external service creators by utilizing Telcos services effortlessly through simple APIs. Service creators can seamlessly deploy their digital services on TAP via a Self- Service provisioning module thus eliminating the need for Telcos to involve in any point of the application development life.

As a proven solution with multiple deployments across globe, TAP addresses Telcos’ market needs with high level of flexibility and generates continuous revenue, enforcing service innovation and building thriving developer ecosystems for Telcos to connect better.

Beyond opening up REST APIs hSenid Mobile offer an Innovative North Bound Innovation (NBI) Layer on top of its API Management module with self service capabilities for both developers and non techies. The layer not only offers rich tools for developers to innovate but also wizards and pre developed service patterns for popular industry verticals, extending the service creation capability even among a community with no prior programming knowledge including enterprises.

At this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC), Moota Telecom and hSenid Mobile in strategic partnership showcase how Telcos can transform their future in digital services and gain more control over subscribers.
The collaboration will open up a whole new avenue for third party content providers and service creators to create digital services effortlessly through self-care portals using hSenid Mobile Telco specialized API management (TAP) platform whilst Moota Telecom’s Mobile Configuration Platform (MCP) pushes those services directly to subscriber handsets influencing subscribers to consume more and more Telco services.

With a minimum involvement, Telcos can remarkably widen their potential in digital services sphere while giving the complete end to end control from core network up to subscribers’ handsets.

Visit hSenid Mobile and Moota Telecom’s booth at Hall 6 Stand 6H20 to witness how Telco Digital Transformation has got simplified for real!!

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