Remittance Application

Remittance Application for Banks

The hSenid Mobile Solutions bank Remittance Application designed to provide a diverse set of features with the intent of enhancing the bank’s services enabling consumers to access remittance-related and other unique banking details at their fingertips while also allowing them to take maximum advantage of the bank’s remittance facility via the intelligent mobile application.

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Ensures highly secured PIN transfer adhering to the necessary security policies and convenient PIN transfer to the intended beneficiary through the phone book integration that leads to quick notification while mitigating unnecessary delays.

The hSenid Remittance application allows banks to integrate their current remittance tracking system that resulting in successfully streamlining the remittance tracking procedure.

Ability to promote novel products and services especially targeting overseas market through the application that leads to increase in customer engagement towards new products and services offered by the bank.

Overseas remitters are able to find partner companies who obtain the bank’s very own remittance facility and allow to access the partner’s online facility through the application. This will lead to an increase in the number of remittances happened through banks remittance facility.

With the integration to Core Banking via APIs, CRM or Loan System the customer requests on obtaining loan, opening new accounts or transferring remittance to a bank account will be made effortless for all the stakeholders involved. Analytics module interworks with the bank system enables banks to obtain past transactional information of customers and arrive at decisions to simplify these request processes.

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