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Robust Support Services is the Key to Customer Satisfaction


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We help enterprises to unlock and transform data into valuable insights, and actionable strategies using AI/ML which enables them to attract and retain customers with optimized operations and personalized, predictive and effortless customer experience.

Table of Contents

AI companions can carry out a whole host of functions. They can respond to FAQs, schedule appointments, offer recommendations, place orders, open bank accounts and much much more. The reason so many businesses from diverse industries are adopting AI companions is because they make customer service faster, smoother and easier.

But what if there is a glitch or breakdown? What if the software becomes outdated or, worse yet, obsolete? What if a company wants to expand and reach more customers – can the system handle the growing numbers?

There are so many ‘what if’s’ that need to be addressed if an AI companion is to function to its fullest potential. No matter the concern, it can always be tackled through the support services offered by an AI companion provider.


What support services do an AI companion provider offer?

Robust AI companion support services begin at the point of conceptualization, with the provider designing software that aligns with a company’s needs. From there on, the support services should span the entire life cycle of the AI companion. The provider must assist with set-up, integration, updates, maintenance, troubleshooting and scaling.

The ideal form of support services should be one-to-one, where the provider designates a support officer or team of support personnel to the organization. These experts should be on hand 24/7. And as the term ‘expert’ suggests, they should be highly proficient in the field with their finger on the pulse of all things AI companion related.


Why is it necessary to have robust support services?

Just like all other high-value products, after-sales services are mandatory when it comes to AI companions. While there are a myriad reasons why a business would need support services, two stand out as crucial.

  1. Enabling smooth operations:

When support services are accessible round-the-clock, it means that a company can reach out to the relevant personnel at any time, regardless of  opening hours or time zone differences. Whatever the issue may be, it will be dealt with immediately reducing down time.

Today’s customers are impatient and want to be able to get their questions answered or requests carried out instantly. If the AI companion is offline this is bound to create consternation among customers, who may even turn to competitors for faster service. Minimizing downtime is vital to ensure that customers are kept happy and not inconvenienced. An AI provider who offers  24-hour support services will enable businesses to provide consistent customer service with minimal to no disruptions.

2.Scaling with confidence:

Growth is a common goal for businesses. If a business is to achieve this goal, then they need an AI companion that can be easily and quickly scaled to cater to the increased online traffic. An AI companion provider must have the capacity to adapt the software expeditiously.

As customer demands keep changing, so too do the offerings and approaches of businesses. A provider has to be able to modify and adjust the functionalities of an AI companion to accommodate these evolutions so that the customer experience remains unhindered.


Enhancing customer satisfaction

An AI companion provider’s role does not end with selling the software to the customer. A sound AI companion provider is someone who works in partnership with a business. The provider should collaborate with the business so that these companies get the most of their AI companion.

Whether it is reducing downtime, facilitating uninterrupted services, scaling according to growth,  or swiftly adapting to customer needs, the support services offered by an AI companion provider has a direct impact on customer satisfaction. If a business wants to ensure customers are happy with their AI companion, they need a provider who is ultra responsive with the ability to provide timely resolutions.

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Data Science & AI/ML Datasheet

You can get an idea about Data Science & AI/ML solutions and investigations by referring this document.

Now You Can Download

Data Science & AI/ML Datasheet

You can get an idea about Data Science & AI/ML solutions and investigations by referring this document.