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Table of Contents

With different messaging channels available in the market, such as WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger, Skype,  etc., SMS is still the best channel for communication.

According to MBA online (2017), more than 4.2 billion people are texting worldwide indicating that mobile use is growing in new ways—especially when using SMS. According to Mobile Marketing Watch (2018), SMS messages have a 98% open rate, while email only has a 20% open rate.

Why the SMS is still alive and kicking


    • Worldwide reach – regardless of a smartphone or a regular feature phone, an SMS can reach just about anyone.

    • Response rates – An SMS is concise and only contains the most relevant information and to the point.

    • Avoiding Spam– According to J&C (2018), it was estimated that only 10% of SMS marketing was considered to be spam.

However, the need of a niche group or an individual to communicate with different entities to provide services via SMS based applications has not been sufficiently fulfilled, due to the complexities, lack of technical knowledge, lack of programming skills, regulations and more.

Being a non-developer, how would they create SMS based applications and satisfy their communication needs?

Forming a win-win situation, Telcos can step into the game smartly, by introducing a non-techy app platform for Telcos’ own customer base.

hSenid Soltura offered by hSenid Mobile’s CPaaS, the Telco-specialized API Management System, was introduced to the market to cater to non-developers (niche groups /individuals) giving freedom to anyone to create SMS based communication applications in a matter of minutes, without the need of a single line of coding while offering advanced features for them.  hSenid Soltura is a platform for users to create their own communication applications around lifestyle, business and social areas of interest to solve a specific problem or serve a need.

More Apps= More Revenue for Telcos

The above graphic elaborates the revenue model of Telcos. Once the app creator, register and publish the created SMS based application using straightforward user-friendly wizards, the subscriber will then register to the services based on the short-code assigned to his respective operator and request will be routed to the relevant operator accordingly.

It will enable the creator to engage with subscribed customers, enrich customer experience and stay connected with them as and when required. In contrast, Telcos can provide a one-stop solution to create and manage different kinds of SMS based applications seamlessly.

E.g.; Open Jobs

With hSenid Soltura Alert pattern, app creator is able to communicate with the subscribed customer of the available job openings from around the world

E.g.; Sports First 

With hSenid Soltura app subscribers don’t miss a single score or the latest roster change of their favorite sports genre.

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The next wave of CPaaS

Enterprise CPaaS (eCPaaS) is the next generation of CPaaS which empowers factual converged communication by CPaaS.

Now You Can Download

The next wave of CPaaS

Enterprise CPaaS (eCPaaS) is the next generation of CPaaS which empowers factual converged communication by CPaaS.