TADHack SL 2016 Developer Highlight : APEX

TADHack SL 2016 Developer Highlight : APEX

With the rise of technology, every industry is on the lookout for new and emerging breakthrough innovations. At this year’s TADHack , among the number of novelty ideas , Raven from team APEX stood apart. Raven a real time customer response monitoring system is built for hospitality and hotel industry. Remember the cool facial recognition systems we’ve seen in movies? Well, Raven is the real world application that uses facial recognition to monitor customer reactions. Times have changed and now everybody agrees on a need of a sustainable customer reaction monitoring system. Raven from team APEX won the second runner’s up place at TADHack.

Raven captures live customer reactions and monitors their facial expressions through hotel cameras at various locations within the hotel premises and alerts the hotel management accordingly.
A practical usage of Raven would be an instance where a customer enters a hotel and find that the service is not good enough for the price he pays. Raven will monitor customer facial reactions and alert the management.

Raven uses hSenid Mobile SMS API to send above mentioned notifications to the management.

  • Raven notifies management when an unhappy customer just arrived to the hotel.
  • Raven always monitor when customer is having his meal and when he is viewing the surrounding and sends an alert if bad facial reactions were monitored.
  • When the total unhappy percentage of a particular area (for eg. dining room) is less than 25% Raven sends a notification.
  • When a customer arrives more than 3 times and if he is not happy on all those times Raven alerts the management by sending his/her photo.

With all these functionalities Raven is a solution for the Hotel and Hospitality industry in order to get reliable reaction based feedback and monitor customer reaction in real time.

In order to achieve your pre defined goals, you need a set of inputs/resources. Identify what resources you need to complete each module of your product life cycle which may be different hardware, software and even liveware. The best possible way to plan for liveware is to know the areas of expertise   of your team members and divide tasks among them. One person may be specialized in UI/UX designing while another one is a hard coder and the most business minded person in your team can be appointed to do the winning pitch. The more you understand your team, better the results would be.

Team APEX with Lahiru Jayathilake, Manujith Pallewatte, Yasith Jayawardana and Vikum Bandara are palnning to implement the application as a product that can be deployed in hotels in near future. Team APEX consisted of 2nd year undergraduate students from University of Moratuwa, Department of Computer Science and Engineering.
Have a look at their pitch at TADHack Sri Lanka where they briefed the audience about their product.