TADHack SL 2016 Developer Highlight: Shilpa64

The world’s largest application development hackathon TADHack was held in 15th and 16th of October 2016 worldwide. The hackathon took place in 30 different countries worldwide with the prominent telco application developer community. Sri Lanka with the largest telco application developer community became a major highlight in TADHack global. hSenid Mobile sponsored TADHack Sri Lanka in two locations this time.

The aptly named product of team Shilpa64, Walking School, took everybody’s attention proposing a much needed education management system at TADHack Sri Lanka 2016.

Walking school is an IoT integrated local language telco education platform. This addresses the access to education problem that’s present all around the country, especially in underprivileged communities. A user, can access national curriculum and vocational training content on mobile and take tests. They can also obtain performance analytics and advice to improve.

Walking school enables learning anywhere and anytime on learners own phase. The system is connection independent. The application can be used by individuals, smart class rooms and community education. The solution was developed using hSenid Mobile’s SMS, USSD and CAAS APIs. Project “Walking School “from team Shilpa64 won the local prize of 1000USD for marking the win at TADHack Sri Lanka 2016.

The team comprises Niranjan Meegammana, Aadeptha Samarakoon, Poornima Meegammana. Vishwa Kumara and Devanjith De Silva, who have been working on this solution to make it perfect prior to TADHack and became one of the highly successful applications to present on TADHack Sri Lanka.

Below video shows, how Team Shilpa64 pitched their idea on the TADHack stage, emphasizing the need of an online education system to the judges as well as to the audience gathered around.