The Mantra to a successful Developer Community

At hSenid Mobile, we take pride in our ability to bridge telcos to businesses, connect people and build developer communities. Following our successful Telco Application Platform (TAP) deployments, we have been able to identify four critical factors that facilitate the success of developer communities.

Use Your Own Strengths

Problem: A common shortcoming we have witnessed over the past few years is the lack of innovation from Telcos. More of than not, Telcos do not optimize the total capability of their inbuilt network assets and features such as messaging, location based services, voice, loyalty / secure subscriber bases and USSD are underutilized.

Solution: Our deployments have shown us that Telcos gained leverage after having opened Network APIs for developers to create applications and also by allowing multiple and alternate payment options for applications. One of the primary advantages Telcos have is the ability to reach out to subscribers independently, irrespective of their choice of handset by optimizing usage of messaging, voice, USSD etc facilities.

Need for an End-to-End Platform

Problem: While the Service Delivery Platform is perhaps one of the most essential components in creating an end-to-end platform, it is no longer sufficient in bringing out an end-to-end experience.

Solution: Over the years we have perfected the science of creating a singular platform that captures the entirety of the application development lifecycle. Our platform is capable of encapsulating the process that begins with development, progressing all the way to implementation that includes provisioning, hosting and live testing to the marketing aspects of publishing and even generating analytics to assist the developer in marketing the application better. Furthermore, with an end-to-end platform Telcos are able to make better decisions when targeting subscribers etc.

Make All Features Self-Care

Problem: Telecom operators are often faced with the difficulty of encouraging developers to get on board their Telco Application Platform as a result of the constant involvement of the operator.

Solution: hSenid Mobile’s Telco Application Platform has been designed to enable self-care for the developer, starting from providing tools for application development to provisioning, marketing and so on significantly reducing Telco involvement.

Vendor’s Role Going beyond the Platform

Problem: All along, the vendor has been responsible for providing the required technological assets and platforms. In today’s world, the vendor’s role has widened its scope and its potential not addressed completely.

Solution: Vendors have the required skill sets to connect with developers and lure them to the telcos with the right marketing tools and technical guidance, whereas the Telco is capable of rallying subscribers. In order to make the most of the deployed platforms, the vendor must keep an ear out for feedback from both the developer community as well the subscribers and make the required integrations to the platform. Moreover, the vendor has the advantage of global multiple deployments in diverse markets that empowers them in better understand a Telco’s requirements.