The Non-Developer’s story – Hear it from Saumya Muthukuda

Continuing with our Cloud Telco Application Platform developer testimonials, today we feature Saumya Muthukuda. Among her apps, the two most successful are Sinhalen Jokes (Sinhala Jokes) and Lowa Puduma Thorathuru (Amazing Facts about the World). Speaking to us about the latter app she recalled not having developed apps prior to AppZone.

Having ventured into service creation after hearing from a friend, Saumya, guided by personal interest, believed that designing an app that would speak of fascinating facts around the world would undoubtedly be interesting and useful. According to her, it was a ‘random initiative’ that soon became a success. The app is about an year old, and she recalls the initial response being slow but was able to gain leverage with the bulk sms facility. Saumya, who is not from an IT background remarks that the website contains tutorials and the platform is on a user-friendly interface allowing even non-developers to come on board as service creators. Her advice to new developers is to take up an area of personal interest when developing an app. “This way, you could be guaranteed to not run out of new ideas, developments and this would better facilitate in making this app seem interesting to others as well.”

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