The countdown has already begun for the day we celebrate developers, technology and creativity; TADHack 2016 the global hackathon is getting closer heating up the surroundings!

As you and your team is now registered with a great idea of a breakthrough innovation with Telco APIs; what should be your next step? How can you make this idea a reality and take it to a global audience? It is a known fact that execution is not as easy as ideation. You will have to face a number of formidable hurdles on your way but below tips will guide you to make the journey of converting your great ideas into a reality, a success.

Get the homework done right

Prior to start executing your idea there are some groundwork that needs to be taken care of.

  • First, conduct market research to identify the actual need for a potential product emerging out of your idea. You may visit website to gain knowledge on the previous years’ TADHACK innovations and how they cater a specific market need or solve an issue. Thus you will get insights as to what are the gaps or drawbacks of past developments and what areas can be improved.
  • Next, gather data on its viability to know if that idea is practical and executable with the available resources
  • And lastly, check if any similar product already exists in the market If the answer is “Yes” see how you can change and improve yours to maintain its novelty.  

Map out the sequence of actions

As you are left with only a few days for the grand competition which awaits amazing prizes for the winners. It’s high time for you to plan the days ahead by clearly defining each module to be developed and tasks and responsibilities of each member of your team. Set weekly goals and milestones to measure progress and evaluate if you have achieved them and keep the team motivated and energized to reach the final result.

Plan for the resources

In order to achieve your pre defined goals, you need a set of inputs/resources. Identify what resources you need to complete each module of your product life cycle which may be different hardware, software and even liveware. The best possible way to plan for liveware is to know the areas of expertise   of your team members and divide tasks among them. One person may be specialized in UI/UX designing while another one is a hard coder and the most business minded person in your team can be appointed to do the winning pitch. The more you understand your team, better the results would be.

Seek experts’ advice

Gather insights, advices and critiques from experienced experts who have dealt with similar scenarios before and utilize them as inputs to improve your idea constantly. You can reach industry experts for any clarifications or questions through hSenid Mobile DevSpace by visiting https://devspace.hsenidmobile.com or by calling 0770102555 and they will be happy to assist you. Further advice can be obtained from your mentor once your team gets qualified to compete at the hackathon.  

Get ready with a winning sales pitch

Your irresistible sales pitch is the way to convince and sell your ultimate product to the panel of judges. Be specific with what you need to convey from your slides and presentations to thoroughly communicate your vision. Plan the limited amount of time you get to pitch your idea effectively and practice the pitch well in advance to make it perfect.
Mark Twain has once said “The secret of getting ahead is getting started” and if you haven’t still started now is your time. Wishing luck for all the budding techpreneurs and see you at TADHack 2016!