hSenid Mobile Solutions is an International company with a proud history of 27 years with Offices in Singapore, USA, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. We design and build innovative cutting-edge technology platforms which enable the digital transformation of businesses. Our solutions are used by leading Telecommunication, Banking & Financial institutions and Enterprises around the globe.

We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced AI Engineer to join our dynamic team.


  • Degree in Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science or an Engineering discipline 
  • Strong Python programming skills
  • Expertise in Large Language Models
    You should have a solid understanding and hands-on experience with large language models like GPT, BERT, etc.
  • Proficient in Prompt Engineering
    Ability to design effective prompts to elicit desired responses from AI models.
  • End-to-End Experience
    We’re seeking someone who can manage the entire lifecycle of AI projects – from initial development to final shipping.
  • Strong Problem-Solving Skills
    The ability to troubleshoot and solve complex technical problems.
  • Hands-On Experience
    Familiarity with Python, machine learning frameworks, and cloud services.
  • Able to work independently with minimum amount of supervision  
  • Ability to think creatively and be curious 

Do you believe you are the right fit for the position?

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Please send in your CV via Linkedin or email your CV to careers+python@hsenidmobile.com and quote “Digital Marketing Intern” in the subject line.