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Support Services Offered by a Chatbot Provider
Enabling Customer Success: Exploring the Range of Support Services Offered by AI Companion Providers

Just a decade or so ago, the word ‘instant’ was primarily applicable to food and drink, like  instant noodles and instant coffee. Today, the world of service too has become instant – from opening a bank account and checking account balances to transferring money and upgrading credit limits, customers want their tasks to be carried…

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TADHack Global 2023 Crowns Sri Lankan Team ‘IntendAble’ as Third Global Champion

TADHack Sri Lanka 2023 by hSenid Mobile Solutions, the most anticipated open global hackathon, was successfully held at the Nawaloka Auditorium on October 21, 2023, for the 9th consecutive year, allowing Sri Lankan innovators to present and demonstrate their unique ideas and talents for the world. The TADHack Global Championship, held annually, gathers the brightest…

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What Matters Most: The Two Essentials You Need to Look for in an AI Assistant Provider

These days, the world of business is all about digital transformation. Regardless of sector or industry, organizations are looking for ways to automate operations and processes. There are different digital tools for varying requirements. In terms of customer service, AI assistants are proving to be immensely popular.  AI assistants are a boon to businesses in…

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