Messaging Gateway

Digital Messaging Platform for banks

Messaging Gateway

hSenid Mobile’s Messaging Gateway acts as a mediation layer between the messaging applications of the business and the operator back-end systems. It is designed with a tiered, loosely coupled architecture to enable future extendibility and scalability to cater the growing needs.

Our platform provides a single API to interact with multiple operators and making the operator integration complexities transparent from new service roll outs. Thereby it will accelerating mobile-based service roll-outs and reduce cost by eliminating recurring Telecom integration costs

Unique short codes

To differentiate between multiple operators, certain keywords can be used in addition to the short code.

Bulk SMS facility

Our platform provides this facility via Bulk Messaging Portal using SMS gateways.

Analytics and Reporting

Platform offers comprehensive analytics, helping the operator dissect the data in an efficient and effective manner.

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