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Enabling Customer Success: Exploring the Range of Support Services Offered by AI Companion Providers

Support Services Offered by a Chatbot Provider

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Table of Contents

Just a decade or so ago, the word ‘instant’ was primarily applicable to food and drink, like instant noodles and instant coffee. Today, the world of service too has become instant – from opening a bank account and checking account balances to transferring money and upgrading credit limits, customers want their tasks to be carried out as speedily as possible. Most organizations are navigating this demand for instant services by adopting AI companions.

The success of AI companions is undeniable – by streamlining processes operations have become far more efficient. Customer experience has received a tremendous boost through the accelerated speed of communication. The numbers affirm this: research shows that 69% of customers prefer an AI companion to receive immediate responses, especially for service-related inquiries.

While very few organizations will deny the value of adopting an AI companion, most of them are hesitant to do so because of their lack of technical know-how. The very thought of having to deal with potential glitches and bugs is enough to put them off. What so many businesses fail to see is that setting-up, maintaining, troubleshooting and upgrading are not their burdens to bear. These will be taken care of by the support services offered by AI companion providers.

Support that comes in many forms

The scope of AI companion support is wide. A service provider can offer technical support assisting an organization with installation, integration and maintenance. The guidance given during the initial installation makes setup much faster and smoother and is a particular boon to businesses that are new to this technology. The provider will also help the organization to integrate the AI companion into their existing systems such as websites, messaging platforms and customer relationship management software. The providers also ensure that the software remains up-to-date and secure through updates, patches and regular maintenance.

Another valuable form of support offered by AI companion providers is training. Staff of the organization will be educated on the functions of the AI companion. Workshops and seminars could be arranged and those handling the AI companion could be given opportunities to try out the various features under the supervision of the provider’s technical team. Business simulations of different use cases can help instill confidence in users and make them more efficient in handling the software. There could also be video tutorials and manuals for users to access whenever the need arises. Since technical issues can arise at any point, providers also render troubleshooting services. The customer service or technical personnel can step it at any point to diagnose and resolve problems promptly. This kind of support can involve different channels: the organization can raise a ticket via email, they could initiate a live chat or they could call the provider.

As businesses grow, their AI companion too needs to evolve. Service providers are able to help organizations scale their AI companions to accommodate increased user loads and additional features.

Customized support that never sleeps

From setting-up to overcoming obstacles and even scaling up the software, the AI companion providers will be by an organization’s side. Since each business has its own goals and objectives, as well as a unique trajectory, the AI companion provider should be able to tailor the support services accordingly. The organization must be able to request specific kinds of services and the AI companion provider should create a service bundle that accommodates these.

Today’s digital landscape operates 24/7, with customers seeking assistance at all hours. Whether it’s addressing technical issues, answering queries, or guiding users through a process, AI companions are expected to be available whenever they are needed. Failure to offer continuous support can result in user frustration, lost opportunities, and damaged customer relationships. Should an issue with the AI companion crop up, an organization should be able to call on the service provider to sort things out, regardless of what time of day or night it is. Therefore, it is imperative for AI companion providers to offer round-the-clock service.

Measuring support success

It is clear that a sound AI companion in and of itself is insufficient. The quality of support services offered by an AI companion provider must be on par with the quality of their product. When businesses carry out due diligence, they should expand their checks to include measuring the support success of the AI companion provider. Metrics like response time, issue resolution rate and customer feedback form a useful framework to gauge the effectiveness of the provider’s support.

The ability to offer quality support services stems from experience and domain knowledge. Service providers who have been in the business for a longer time possess the expertise to create high-end products. Their awareness of use cases, customer demands and challenges makes them better prepared to respond to different kinds of situations quickly and appropriately.

hSenid Mobile has over 25 years of experience in handling cutting-edge technology and innovation. They are adept at building high-end AI companions that are tailored to the specific requirements of an organization. Their superlative support services cover every step – from implementation to maintenance and even expansion. Whatever it may be that an organization is grappling with, they will do everything they can to ensure optimal performance of the AI companion.

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You can get an idea about Data Science & AI/ML solutions and investigations by referring this document.

Now You Can Download

Data Science & AI/ML Datasheet

You can get an idea about Data Science & AI/ML solutions and investigations by referring this document.