How Conversational AI Companies are Transforming Online Shopping Experiences

Providing a fully comprehensive customer service experience online is challenging; unlike brick-and-mortar stores, where sales staff approach customers, their sense of fashion is readily learned and met precisely. With zero face-to-face interaction being the online shopping model, gathering customer data like their likings and genuine fashion tastes is impossible. That’s where conversational AI companies like hSenid Mobile step in, but with much more advanced solutions and better changes.

Having marked a significant impact on multiple other industries and sectors, these tech giants are now redefining online shopping experiences for the benefit of both shoppers and online retailers, contributing to the foreseeable growth of 9.4% annually, with the fashion e-commerce market reaching a total size of US$1,103 billion by the end of 2027 . Conversational AI innovators help e-commerce businesses break loose from traditional online shopping myths as well as challenges and this blog will focus on why, how it is done and their outcomes.

Conversational AI Companies Bridging the Gap Between Customer Expectations and Brands

Today, customer expectations are ever evolving exponentially in an age surpassing digital to AI. Customers have heightened expectations that online shopping experiences will be more than just convenient and instant, with personalized and contextually aware interactions coming into play. Traditional e-commerce funnels are highly dependent on menu navigation and the search functionality to guide shoppers through the purchase journey on their websites, which hasn’t met the bar of comfort and seamless experiences for these digital-savvy customers yet.

Recent research shows that around 50% of potential sales are lost because visitors struggle to find what they want on eCommerce sites. Also, 45% of customers abandon a purchase if their concerns about a product/service or the shopping process aren’t instantly answered. The reason behind these significant revenue losses is that traditional e-commerce models fall short in understanding and responding accordingly to the dynamics of language, sentiment and intentions, a niche field, in which only conversational AI chatbots demonstrate true excellence.

The two most significant capabilities that allows the AI companies to boost their conversions and customer retentions are as follows:

Personalized Shopping Experience

Personalization is no longer considered a luxury offering, it’s a norm that all e-commerce businesses should meet to be competent in the online marketplace. Online retailers that stick to outdated online shopping systems experience low conversion rates despite high website traffic. The on-site search engines of these brands lack intuition and the ability to think due to the absence of the AI component. Unable to track customer searches, behaviors, and actions, potential buyers are misled into seeing offerings that don’t pique their interests. They leave your page and never revisit, negatively affecting brand recognition and customer retention rates.

A tailored shopping experience calls for flexibility and intellectuality beyond what scripted search engines offer. The hSenid Smart Chatbot specifically caters to this requirement by leveraging NLP and AI/ML algorithms for contextual awareness through which diverse customer conversations can be effectively scaled and handled. Customers type out what they want in their language and style, specifying the product requirements like purpose, price size, etc. The bot interprets these inputs, generates relevant product options, and makes product suggestions such as promotions capitalizing on upselling and cross-selling opportunities. This technology replicates the function of a salesperson, carrying it out in a much more effective manner where the extra offering is well received by the customer like a must-have product and less like a forced sale, providing an engaging online shopping experience that fosters brand loyalty and sustained customer relationships.

Automated Live Chat Transfer

With newer, improved systems breaking through, customers no longer prefer to tirelessly search through dozens of informative resources such as blogs for responses or wait for days till they get a response for an email inquiring about a product, as demonstrated in a recent study in which 51% of customers stated getting support via email is time-consuming. This creates a gap between a successful conversion and product detail inquiry. Some modern buyer mentality perceives their shopping cart more like a shopping cart list so that it’s easier to refer back, add, and remove what they want when they’ve made a well-thought-out finalized decision.

It’s during this decision period customers abandon their carts when they don’t get the required assistance in real time. According to studies in 2023, the share of online abandoned shopping carts reached 70 percent for the first time since 2013, recording an increase of more than 10% . E-commerce businesses suffer huge losses considering the revenues that could’ve been secured if shopping cart abandonments were successful sales.

With the hSenid Smart Chatbot integration, these concerns will be worries and losses of your past, with recent research making it evident that customers who use live chat are 2.8x more likely to convert than those who do not use live chat support . This bot not only initiates immediate responses but also generates accurate responses to common customer queries. Its capability to streamline information provision through text-based chats reduces the necessity for time-consuming over-the-phone conversations, enhancing overall customer convenience. Potential buyers can make prompt and well informed decisions at that very moment, thereby decreasing cart abandonment rates while harnessing on its lead generation abilities. In essence, the integration of this chatbot also proves to be a strategic tool in optimizing customer engagement and driving conversion.

Ready to Partner with the Best?

Investing in conversational AI chatbots is a high-value, one-time investment with no going back, which is why businesses have consistently entrusted us at hSenid Mobile to provide returns that not only meet but exceed expectations.

hSenid Smart Chatbot is an enterprise-grade solution that can be tailored to your exact requirements. The bot’s capacity to simulate human-like interactions leads to more customer engagement, lower expenses, and higher efficiency, all of which are evident in our partner’s growth cycles. Our solution is not confined to a single industry, purpose, or department; it is versatile and can be applied to a wide range of fields, including customer service, e-commerce, and entertainment.

Its best time feature is its ability to converse and comprehend in multiple languages, local and foreign, through natural language processing (NLP) techniques, offering an added advantage of enabling customers to freely use their natural communication methods to interact with the enterprises, hassle-free. So stop your wait, and start on a great journey ahead of infinite possibilities with hSenid Smart Chatbot.