How Telcos can Craft their Own Space in the App Economy

How Telcos can Craft their Own Space in the App Economy

As we speak, the App Economy is on the rise developing at a fast pace and mobile handset manufactures have swept nearly all the share of the app market, partly due to the pioneering advantage and the head start they had at the time.

Despite these apparent trend in the mobile device and app market that continue to beat in favour of handset manufactures, the app market represent merely 1/5th of the total mobile subscription market as of now; with a total 4/5th of this population facing some form of constrictions in accessing these services. (refer to the report – Discover the Untapped Potential of Telco Apps and Services in Emerging Markets )

These statistics unveil a clear opening of a huge untapped potential that Telcos must mine for. With a long-held desire to gain a strong foot-hold in the app economy conventionally dominated by handset manufacturers, Telcos are advised to realize and utilize their inconceivable strengths and capabilities more prudently.

Could new entrants succeed in the mobile app market?

Although this question is debatable, in a positive light of the new market entrant, in our case the Telco, provides a product or service that is fundamentally different to what Apple, Android and Google have been offering, we believe it could prosper by catering to an untapped market-space.

Telecom operators looking to benefit from the popularity of mobile apps should not look forward rival handset manufactures. Nor should that be the field in which operators aim to participate, since the potential increase in revenues are rather insignificant. Therefore, it is fundamental to look beyond existing markets and offerings, and create their own market space in effort to avoid pursuing an imitative stratagem, of that of handset manufacturers’.

In order for Telcos to craft their own pace in the App Market, hSenid Mobile  recommends 3 key winning propositions for Telcos to embark on, that will help unlock its undermined potential, differentiate its offerings, monetize and succeed in an evolving Telco-app market. To find out more details on the 3 key winning propositions, please download our Report – How Telcos can Craft their Own Space in the App Economy.

The recommended propositions along with Telco’s strong brand image, established network capabilities, and unrivaled supply chains, is unquestionably a winning composition that will help Telcos tap into limitless opportunities that the app economy presents.