Making the most of Localized Apps – Ruwan Dissanayaka

When telco developers get on board to create applications, they often find themselves looking at ‘most used’ or ‘top rated’ applications, prior to creating their own. While this is ideal for those starting out with application development, it is also equally important to look into applications that are applicable in a localized context. What Ruwan Dissanayaka tried to do with his application ‘Bodimak’ is exactly that.

‘Bodimak’ (Boarding) is a SMS application or a service for those in search of boarding spaces. On most occasions, individuals are required to shift to the city for education or vocational purposes, leaving behind their villages or towns located outside Colombo, Sri Lanka. Ruwan’s application creates a meeting place between those requiring boarding and those willing to let out. ‘Bodimak’ locates the nearest boarding to the workplaces, universities and it permits advertising for space availability among potential boarders.

“One of the main reasons that motivated to develop ‘Bodimak’ was having gone through the similar hassle and inconvenience of locating a place that would suit my requirements when I joined University. I thought that if a SMS application that provides such a service is created, it would be easier for everybody,” says Ruwan

Ruwan is a final year IT undergraduate of the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. Having gotten aboard IdeaMart in March 2013, he makes use of the existing APIs and also writes his own that enables him to create applications faster. His most successful apps include ‘Bodimak’ and ‘Chat’, the latter of which provides instant messaging facilities via a chat room or group for all handsets.

Idea Mart is a multi-sided platform that provides the basic infrastructure required for MVAS creation and a marketplace for subscribers who can purchase or subscribe to value added services on Allapps, Idea Mart’s App Store. Idea Mart is powered by hSenid Mobile’s mChoice™ Cloud Telco Application Platform.