NFC – Way to Mobilize

We have entered a new era where we do things in a mobile way. Every company and entrepreneur attempts to make lives more convenient and simpler through transactions via mobile. hSenid Mobile envisions to use NFC – Near Field Communication to make user experience much cooler and simpler while creating business opportunities.

With the fast-paced growth in mobile payments, NFC will be the next mobile boost. It is important to understand how NFC can be adapted to each different business organization to add value. We believe NFC + Mobile (or Mobile with NFC) will allow new business models to emerge that will create an exciting mobile lifestyle.

For NFC to take off successfully, a supporting environment consisting of necessary resources and network capabilities should exist so that each business could optimize the use of NFC as per their respective business models. Our platforms can support the NFC ecosystem due to the flexibility in plug-in more NCSs and our expertise in back-end integrations. The capability to integrate multiple payment instruments such as bank account, mobile account, e-cash, rewards points etc can enhance mobile payments. When charging occurs via NFC, user can have a preferred payment option in the payment application that makes m-payments more convenient than ever before.

The goal behind the overall NFC ecosystem is to facilitate accessibility, affordability and adjustability.

Accessibility  – to any payment method

Affordability – with minimal infrastructure

Adjustability – to enable any merchant to join the ecosystem

NFC to businesses – Businesses are focusing on implementing mobile channels to reach customers and to improve customer experience. Adapting Mobile NFC will add more value to business transactions making enterprises differentiated and stand out.  The architecture can fit any industry ranging from restaurants to transport to hospitals. It is a matter of identifying how to make Mobile NFC worthwhile to exploit business opportunities.

NFC to Telcos / Aggregators – NFC opens up a whole new world of collaborative business partnerships to Telcos, aggregators and MVNOs.  The architecture promotes Network effect –the more people on the network, the more useful it is. Therefore, it also leads to an effective mobile commerce eco system where the host (Telco, MVNO or an aggregator) can attract both customers and stores. Minimal infrastructure (only a mobile SIM and internet access) is needed for merchants to join, therefore faster market penetration can be achieved which drives revenue growth.

People have so much of things to do and so little time. That’s why NFC can pick up eventually and revolutionize the mobile era with a simple ‘tap’.

mChoice Payments by hSenid Mobile adapts NFC that facilitates payments via NFC cards as well. To find out more of mChoice Payments products suite download the latest Datasheet.