Sponsoring Tads: building sustainable relationships

At hSenid Mobile. we are determined to connect telcos to businesses and more importantly connect people and help build sustainable relationships through our mobile solutions. We are aware of the growing role of Telecom Operators and the foundation they provide in holding up the mobile ecosystem. It is with this intention that we began designing platforms that would help bring on board third-party developers that would facilitate Telcos in service creation and also, cater to the growing needs of subscribers. Having built this successful developer community, we identified a market segment who had ideas that could contribute to application creation. Their ideas phenomenal, but were restricted from implementation as they lacked the technical know-how. Our platform mChoice Soltura, is especially designed to cater to the non-technical market segment. We consider ourselves leaders in the industry and want to create a positive impact with our solutions amongst a global subscriber base.

One of the main reasons we are on board the TADS (Telco Application Developer Summit) bandwagon is to take our message of building sustainable relationships through our mobile solutions to a global forum. The Summit intends to map out and look into the vast potential for the Telecommunications industry in application development and beyond. The forthcoming expansions could only be termed ‘limitless’ when glancing over the various roadmaps planned. TADS has identified the importance of the three key stakeholders of the industry: the Operator, Developer and Vendor (solution providers such as hSenid Mobile).

One of the key features of this Summit is the Telco Application Developer Manifesto that has been proposed by the industry. A brainchild of the organizers of TADS, the Manifesto emerged after lengthy discussions amongst industry experts and was released for public comment via the TADS blog (link).

The Manifesto is a go-to documentation of the proposed ecosystem. It comprises:

    • The need for a new ecosystem and the inefficiency of  the existing structure

    • The new competition for the telecommunications industry and what can be done to combat the emerging challenges

    • The responsibilities and needs of the Telecom Operators, Developers and Vendors

    • The roadmap of the proposed ecosystem and the need of the hour to have a common vision for the industry

As a sponsor and catalyst in creating developer communities, we are acutely aware of the contribution rendered by telecom application developers. More often than not, their services are underappreciated and not highlighted. Thus, with the knowledge we’ve gathered over the years and the role of developers in the telco ecosystem is something we could relate to.

TADS is a grassroots initiative from and by the people of the industry crafted for Developers and Telcos to collaborate towards the creation of the new wave of the telecom application ecosystem. The Telco Application Developer Summit will hold concurrent sessions for Developers and Telecom Operators on 21 and 22 November at Impact Forum, Bangkok, Thailand.