The adventure of six Avid Readers

When Idea Mart first came on board, more often than not, subscribers thought it would be another mere Value Added Service (VAS). Mobile application developers thought it to be a great start to their careers as service creators. WIth the launch of Idea Mart, developers have been able to bring to life the countless ideas and applications. For subscribers, Idea Mart became a carnival of mobile value added services. Most apps on board were for daily usage, general purpose-apps. That’s why this week we feature something different, an event specific application titled ‘Bookseeker’.


The application was designed especially for the Colombo International Book Fair concluded a few weeks ago. The basic feature of the app was for subscribers to find the books of their choice, prior to visiting the book fair. The dynamic team of developers comprised Subodha Charles, Lakshitha Chathuranga, Buddhima Gamalath, Sameera Ranasinghe, Kaushala Priyadarshana and Rachitha Muthukumarana. The six of these Electronic and Telecommunication undergraduates pulled a few weeks of all-nighters to gather, compile and feed the database topping nearly 100,000 books (or more). Having experienced the best and worst of crowds, time wasted and increasing choice of books,  these developers believed that Bookseeker would make life easier for book worms during the Colombo International Book Fair, and it did.

The successes were mainly gauged by their Facebook fans and application subscribers. As a result of the service being of a limited time period, Bookseeker managed to become an overnight hit. Within a week, the app had nearly countless subscribers and Facebook likes on their fan page. Local print and digital media too were very enthusiastic and accommodative of the initiative and ran how-to articles that contributed towards their growing popularity.

Speaking to hSenid Mobile at an interview conducted, Subodha Charles remarks, “If you have an idea for an application, by all means implement it. A platform such as Idea Mart facilitates the process of developing and marketing your ideas and mobile applications. While the success of the application depends on the number of subscribers, if you know the idea is capable of creating a difference, it most definitely will.”

Bookseeker is just one of the many stories of successful application development. Join our community of developers as we continue to build and enhance the features on board Cloud TAP, and your story could be next.

Idea Mart is a multi-sided platform that provides the basic infrastructure required for MVAS creation and a marketplace for subscribers who can purchase or subscribe to value added services on Allapps, Idea Mart’s App Store. Idea Mart is powered by hSenid Mobile’s mChoice™ Cloud Telco Application Platform.