Robust Support Services is the Key to Customer Satisfaction

AI companions can carry out a whole host of functions. They can respond to FAQs, schedule appointments, offer recommendations, place orders, open bank accounts and much much more. The reason so many businesses from diverse industries are adopting AI companions is because they make customer service faster, smoother and easier. But what if there is…

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What Matters Most: The Two Essentials You Need to Look for in an AI Assistant Provider

These days, the world of business is all about digital transformation. Regardless of sector or industry, organizations are looking for ways to automate operations and processes. There are different digital tools for varying requirements. In terms of customer service, AI assistants are proving to be immensely popular.  AI assistants are a boon to businesses in…

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Five Tips to Help Telcos Choose the Right CPaaS Technology Enabler

In the last couple of centuries, communication evolved at a slow and steady pace and there was plenty of time to adjust to each new development. In the last couple of decades, however, the rate of progress in communication has accelerated and now innovation seems to be happening at breakneck speed. Prior to the advent…

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